Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wandering the strip-just the two of us

28 December, 2006

Today was a slow day with Katie working and Heather and Ryan back in FL. We were up early to make adjustments to the coach to prevent damage from the strong winds that were rushing between the mountains, as another front moved thru the area. We reportedly had winds steady up to 40 MPH with gusts over 50 MPH.

We decided to head to the strip to see a few of the landmarks that we have not seen before. We started with Circus Circus, which was packed with families and many children. They have a circus act every 15 minutes or so in an area that is also surrounded by a circus style Midway. They also have a 5 acre adventure dome with rides and other assorted entertainment for families. While clearly outdated compared to the newer hot spots on the strip, it seems to have found its niche with the family crowd.

Walking south along the strip, we passed the Stardust. We missed our opportunity to see what it was like, as it closed earlier this year. I imagine in the near future it will make the news as it collapses into dust to make room for the next mega resort. We did get some pictures of the remains and will perhaps see the famous neon sign at the local museum that collects such relics of the Las Vegas fallen. In its heyday, it was the gem of Las Vegas and it lasted for 48 years.

We then visited the Wynn resort, which is clearly at the other end of the target market. Everything upscale and designed to separate you from your money as quickly as possible. But based on the volume here, that seemed to no problem for the throng gathered there. It is certainly on the list of places to stay if you would like every whim catered to in grand fashion. We enjoyed the brief visit but were glad to head back to the coach for a quiet evening.

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