Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One more time

After nearly a month again between posts, I am looking for my blog inspiration to kick in.  I have not been lacking in fun things to write about, just lack of something I am unable to really describe.  We had a great Christmas with family and a lot of laughs watching Victoria acquire a taste for presents.  She also had a few new experiences, including her first fireworks, Dutch "poffertjes"  ( a kind of mini pancake), and the most important, her first real visit with Santa Claus.  She also was able to spend more time with her Aunt Katie.

January brought a new experience for us.  While we have been a member of several Winnebago clubs over the last seven years, we have never acted as a wagon master for an outing, since we were always traveling full time and would just pull into an outing at the last minute if we happened to be in the area.  Now that we are rooted in a house again, we thought it was time to take our turn.  So this month we hosted a Winnebago campout for our local club.  We tried a new location at the Live Oak Landing RV Resort in Freeport, FL.  It is only a few years old and has full amenities and located on a river with direct access to the bay and Gulf of Mexico.  It is well known for the great fishing in the area.  Our club members really enjoyed the new (to them) location.  I would highly recommend this campground to anyone looking for a nice spot in this area.

We are planning to return next month for  the Skinnie Winnies Group rally.  Thirty five Winnebago/Itasca Views and Navions are scheduled to hang out for a long weekend.  By all accounts this should be a good time.

Finally, Victoria has an announcement to make!