Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Texas Hill Country

Hill Country, Texas

Tuesday the 12th, we had to get back “on the horse” and hit the road again. Luckily it was mostly quiet interstate for the first 50 miles or so to let the nerves settle down and then we hit the congestion of Houston, which apparently is reconstructing all their highways at once. Then thru San Antonio to settle at the Fiesta RV resort along highway I-10 in Boerne, Texas. We had arrived at our planned interim destination just two days late. We explored the small but quaint old town area and decided to layover for a day to head to the heart of the Texas Hill Country-Fredericksburg, some 40 miles distant.

Today we visited the larger town of Fredericksburg and did the usual tourist walk of the gifts shops that apparently are now obligatory for any area that becomes an “attraction” for whatever the original reason may have been. Despite the overt tourist trap appearance it presented, it was a nice place to wander around. There was a store called Rustlin Rob’s (really) and they allow you to taste everything that they sell. We had some very very hot stuff and various salsas and other goodies. I think the system works well for them, as we left with a bag full of stuff.

We ate a packed lunch at the Municipal Park and also discovered that they have a great little campground there, as well. We will have to come back to spend some time there. It has the added advantage of being next to the local airport, so I can sit and watch the small planes come and go and reminisce about one of my past hobbies.

The rest of the day was spent visiting the WWII Pacific War Museum that was originally housed in the hotel owned by the Nimitz family. This museum was built in this location to Honor ADM Nimitz, who was appointed Commander in chief of the Pacific fleet after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They are currently in the middle of an extensive expansion plan and the museum will have many more exhibits open in the next few months.

Despite the fact that it was undergoing expansion, it was an enjoyable and educational visit. We could have easily spent many hours here but kept it down to 2.5 to 3 hours. Highly recommended to anyone passing thru interested in the war in the Pacific.

Tomorrow we are off to make miles in the direction of Las Vegas. There are not too many big places on the map for the next 600 hundred miles or so, this will be a bit different from the trip so far.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice setup. I like the placing of "people" and painting around it. Nice job.

Are you a pilot?

Anonymous said...

Fijn dat er niks met de RV is en dat"krasje" werken ze later maar weg. have a nice trip.