Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The St Louis Arch

We have not had the chance to see the St Louis Arch up close before, but that was corrected on our visit to St Louis while staying in St Charles, MO.  The Arch is currently undergoing some major renovations, but you still can ride to the top of the Arch for a amazing view of the surrounding area. It turns out that to get to the top of the arch, you have to ride in these small tram cars. Each tiny, short cubicle holds five people in very tight quarters.  It is definitely not for the claustrophobic crowd.

Once on the top, the view is worth the ride up, but even here, the tiny windows and odd access made it difficult for some to really see well.  The view in the end  is worth the effort but Anneke was disappointed.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Moving fast and writing slow

The last month, we have been moving steadily along the path of the Lewis and Clark trail.  Between traveling, exploring and poor Wi-Fi, I continue to fall farther behind.  While still at the starting point in St Charles, MO. we also visited the final home of a true American legend, Daniel Boone.  It is just a few miles from St Charles. His final home is preserved and additional buildings of that era have been moved to his farm.

He continued an active life until his death in 1820 at the age of 86.  In addition to the farm and his duties  as magistrate for the area, he still enjoyed exploring the country far and wide. 

A visit to the site provides a glimpse of his life beyond the legends made famous by TV and movies.

A must see for early American history buffs.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

St Charles, MO

We are moving along on our Lewis and Clark trail to the Oregon coast.  Between the travel, sightseeing, and poor Wi-Fi, I am getting way behind in documenting this trip.  Our  first stop for this journey is St Charles, MO , where Lewis and Clark came together to start this epic adventure.  The old town ST Charles remains as close as possible to the way it looked when the adventurers arrived. Many of the structures still date to that era and it remains a quaint  reflection of that era.

We enjoyed walking the streets and imaging the hectic preparations they were making before heading west on the Missouri  river.  We had a nice lunch at the Mother in Law house.  The story goes that when the couple was building a new home, the wife wanted her mother to live with them.  He agreed and built the house in two sections with no connection between the two halves.  It is said that the ghost of the mother can still be felt as she remains lonely looking for someone to communicate with.  We enjoyed lunch without encountering the mother-in law.