Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Isaac is still being felt here

After making all the preparations we could for the arrival of the expected category two hurricane Isaac, it veered to the west and is making life unpleasant for parts of Louisiana and Mississippi.  It is officially a hurricane and will no doubt bring misery to many.  So far we have had some rain and moderate wind, but nothing severe. We are currently caught up in one of the outer bands and we just finished a tornado warning period with no tornado landing on us, but did spend some time in an interior room without windows.  Victoria was not amused, nor for that matter, grandma either. The forecast is for higher winds and more possible tornadoes through at least tomorrow. By this time tomorrow we will hopefully be in the clear of the worst weather.

Our daughter and her family spent last night and today with us and may yet have to spend tonight as well.  Her school district has decided to hold classes tomorrow, despite the fact that our highest forecast winds are due tomorrow, so she may have to go to work from here.  I sure hope they know what they are doing. All other surrounding districts remain closed

We installed the new style hurricane covers that come with new build homes, which are required by Florida rules.  They go up pretty easy and our made of some hopefully strong fiber cloth.  I am a bit dubious that they can provide as much protection as old fashioned plywood.

This afternoon we had a very warm heavy rain shower that Victoria just loved.

We remain hopeful that we have avoided the worst of this storm and will be able to hit the road for Georgia the end of this week to visit our grandson and his family.

Friday, August 24, 2012


I have been contemplating a few RV related subjects for a blog, but events have overtaken my concentration.  We have abandoned planning the next trip, dealing with furniture quality issues, and the many other things we considered important.

Now we are mostly focused on Isaac.  While we are no strangers to bad weather, including hurricanes, we were just not prepared to deal with Isaac just a few months after moving in the new house.  In our former life of just a few months ago, we simply would have gotten out of town by heading for better weather.  Now we are waiting to see if Isaac will likely be a category 1 hurricane, as currently predicted or strengthen or maybe fade away.   The latter is definitely wishful thinking.

Our first reaction was still to bring over the motorhome and load it up and head out.  But with a minimum level hurricane, we are rethinking that choice.  Our house is built to the latest hurricane standards and should handle a category one storm without any problems.  Then there is our daughter’s family to consider.  So for now we wait and see what develops.  It is Anneke’s and Victoria’s first hurricane and grandma prefers to stay close to Victoria.

It is good to have that motorhome standing by in case we all have to get out of Dodge!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Tug boats and RV’s

Before heading back to Florida and dealing with the many boxes that need to be sorted, we made two more stops.  The first was at the Tom Sawyer Campground in West Memphis.  This is the right place if you enjoy watching the river traffic on the Mississippi and enjoy hearing the tugboat engines and ship whistles during the night.  Your camp spot is right on the levee close to the action, where you can just sit and watch the river traffic go by your door. 

After getting our river and boat fix, we made a short trip south to visit with a couple that Anneke got to know via Face book.  They are Dutch who have lived in the USA for many years.  It was easy to decide where to camp in Coldwater, Mississippi, since they own the South Memphis campground, just one mile from their home.  We had a great get together with good conversation and lots of Dutch style food.   I had such a good time; I failed to take any pictures except for one of the campground..

From Coldwater, we pushed on home to get to work.  We are already thinking about our next anytime RV journey.