Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, May 18, 2019

To kill a mockingbird, Monroeville, AL

Our second weekend trip was to Monroeville, AL to see the play: To kill a mockingbird.  We camped about half an hour out of town at Isaac Creek ACOE park along the Alabama River.  It was a rural park with very large paved sites.  We came with our FMCA group to enjoy the play and a weekend of social gatherings.  Unfortunately, the weather was very poor with near constant rain and thunderstorms.  No outside activities were possible.   Almost all of us decided to return home on Saturday, since the forecast offered a small break in the storms to have a decent return trip.

On Friday afternoon, we headed to Monroeville to see the play: To Kill a mockingbird.  The play is based on a novel by Harper Lee who lived in Monroeville.  You can read more about the play here.  The short version is that a black man in the 1930’s was accused unjustly of assaulting a white woman and the trial that followed.  The play is put on annually by local nonprofessional actors in the old courthouse. We were able to tour the courthouse museum before the play began.

The first part of the play takes part outside the courthouse in a mockup local neighborhood where you get a glimpse of some of the people involved in the trial and a sense of their attitudes about life in this period in Monroeville.  The second half takes place inside the courthouse where the trial is conducted.  No photography or video was allowed during the play. 

It was truly a great experience, the actors were all amazing in their performances, especially the young children who had important roles with lots of dialogue.  Highly recommended!

Our dog Halley is traveling with us again.  She has developed a number of medical issues that require personal care that we need to do.  She seems to have adjusted quickly to the traveling mode.

First of two weekend outings

2 May 2019

Our first outing was to attend the Holiday Hills Music Park Bluegrass festival in Laurel Hills, FL. 
We first stopped for one night at a former state park campground which was turned over to the city of Florala, AL.  It is a small but very nice place to camp.  It seems that several campers are there for longer periods.  Everyone was very friendly; Anneke met a few ladies who play dominoes in the afternoon and she was invited to play with them.  Not having played this game before she still managed to win four out of the five games.  Since we were there for only one night, we do not know if she would have been invited back the next day.

It is nice park that makes a great stop over or extended stay.  It is a relatively short walk to town with shopping and restaurant choices.

This was our second time at the blue grass festival.  It is on a large private property with well kept grounds and RV spots in the grass fields with power and water.  In addition to the formal music performances in the covered pavilion, many people come to meet fellow enthusiasts and camp for the weekend.  You can walk the grounds day and night and listen to many gatherings of bluegrass ad hoc performances. 
Most of the stage performers were family groups with members as young as 10.  They were all excellent with amazing talent.  They play a mix of bluegrass and gospel.
We really enjoy the music and atmosphere.