Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Houma. LA

8 December 10, 2006

We arrived today without incident in Houma, La after successful transit of NOLA and seeing some of the sights that made national news for the past two years, clearly visible for Interstate 10. We took a spot (only one in use) at the Houma Civic Center, where a few years ago, they installed power and water for several hundred RV’s where, we are told, they attract a number of big RV rally’s every year. It was certainly handy for us to visit our friends, Dan and Corrie, who live less than one mile away.

Once we hooked up with them, we visited their home and then got right down to immersing ourselves in the local culture with a traditional feast and enjoying some old fashioned entertainment. I recall that this is how many folks spent an evening before the addition of TV, video and computers. Perhaps it is true that life was simpler and dare I say-better- without some of these “conveniences”.

It was a very enjoyable evening and great to see old friends.

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