Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

To be determined

It has been over a month since I have posted but the urge to do so has finally returned.  We have been keeping busy with a couple of RV rallies and plenty of time with the Grandkids.

At the end of January, we attended our FMCA club outing in Picayune, MS at the Sun Roamers RV Resort.  This is a large facility that has been changing hands a number of times recently. We had a great time with the club, but we had truly awful weather for most of our time there with heavy rains and cold.  We discovered that the park and the surrounding area is prone to flooding in such conditions.  We only thought to take pictures on the one day that was mostly dry.  The club house and large number of sites with full hookups make this a good place for a larger group to meet.

Returning home, we celebrated our Granddaughter Victoria's fourth birthday.  It seems that she has decided that all pictures of her must include silly faces.  She did seem to enjoy the exercise frog that we found on our travels.  Nico quietly took it all in stride.

With the relatively cold weather, we have been spending more time around the house, just relaxing and watching the critters that wander into the yard.  We decided that Halley needs a purpose in life, so she is now our official security force.

Last weekend we attended the Skinnie Winnies rally held in Freeport, FL.  We had around 40 rigs in attendance.  Lots of activities with everyone checking out the latest modifications that everyone has made to their rigs.  We ranked last in that department. It was five days of social gatherings with folks we had not seen in a year.  With so many people, it was a challenge to get everyone with their pets organized for the group photo.

There is a school of thought that if you ever feel lonely in any campground, just lift up the hood of a vehicle and you will soon have lots of new friends.  This is proven every year at this rally.  We have a number of folks who are driven to working on their rigs and enjoy helping others with their issues.  One solo lady had all kinds of help on her rig, including changing out the serpentine belt.  In these situations, I stand back and take pictures.

With the great weather, there were some very nice sunsets.