Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, December 04, 2006

Panhandle Fun

4 December 2006

We have enjoyed being camped literally on the beach and spending time with Heather and Ryan. The weather has mostly been good, but like Virginia, we are here during another record period with the temperatures dropping to at least a two year record low. The sun, however, still shines brightly and it is a pleasure to be out and about. We have done the required Florida tourist things. These include walking on the beach, shopping and visiting a flea market.

There is still evidence of the damage done from the hurricane here over two years ago. The house in the picture sits next to the campground, and is one of many such sights to be seen here.

We have also begun the holiday decoration process. We have mounted our custom made (Anneke) driving mirror Christmas covers and hung the singing moose.

We celebrated Heather’s and Ryan’s 2nd anniversary with them today, including a great meal in Destin at McGuire’s Irish Pub. It was a good time. Time does go by quickly.

It is already time to start thinking about the next step in the journey and where we will stop along the way. We hope to be able to stop and visit with long time friends who reside in Louisiana. We will be working the computer travel planner and GPS routing system to find the best route, once the various routing issues have been agreed upon.

We hopefully have a few good sunsets to enjoy here. If we are really ambitious, maybe even a sunrise??

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Anonymous said...

Sounds Like you are having a wonderful adventure. We enjoy your blog updates. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.