Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Texas steak

16 December 2006

The day started as so many have recently with heading to another dealer to discuss our problems. This one helped us resolve why a tire with so few miles had failed. It turns out that it was not due to a defective tire, but rather the coach was delivered with five correct size tires and one incorrect (small) tire. Thus the failure. So instead of the tire manufacturer, we will have to deal with Winnebago/and/or Freighterliner.

We spent a bit of time chatting with our neighbor in the campground and he gave us a tip about the best restaurant in El Paso (if you like steak). It is the Cattleman’s Steak house located on a working ranch outside of town and five miles or so into the desert. Besides the restaurant, they have a great view of the desert and mountains, especially at sunset along with petting zoo and other exhibits that I believe were used in a movie a few years back. The food and the views were terrific. (We skipped the other stuff) We then headed back for a quiet evening before heading out to Tucson, AZ in the AM.

17 December 2006

We have arrived in Tucson; I am glad to say without incident and are staying in the Beaudry RV Resort. We decided not to opt for the sites with a private hot tub-maybe next time. It is quite large, but very well done. This resort is operated by the Beaudry RV superstore and camping World. So once you are in the resort, you just have to go look at all the new coaches and other things you did not know you could live without. Since we have had such great luck with our coach, we will be staying around looking at other new rigs (just kidding). We will try to get to the Sonora Desert Museum tomorrow.

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