Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, December 15, 2006

Along the road again

14 December 15, 2006

Today we got under way with the intention of making our next stop over at Fort Stockton, Texas. Unfortunately about 20 minutes in to the trip, the right rear inside tire lost the tread belt all the way around. What was really amazing is that it held its original air pressure. Since this tire only had around 4800 miles on it and its pressure was checked every day before starting out, needless to say, we were not very happy. We called our road assistance support group and within an hour they were enroute to the coach with a new tire. They had the new tire installed and we were on our way with about three hours lost and our wallet $500 lighter. We will be having a long chat with the tire manufacturer.

As a result of this unexpected interruption, we were not going to make our planned layover point without driving in the dark. Since, as we drove along, we saw dozens of dead deer along the road, this was not an option, I was not prepared to get another huge dent in the coach via a deer’s unlucky attempt to cross the road. So we ended up in Ozona, Texas in a road side campground close to the freeway, but with a great view over the desert plain of west Texas. Just at dusk, we were treated to a small herd of deer entering the field in front of our coach, which included a very nice ten point buck. We also met and had a pleasant chat with a couple in a coach just like ours headed the way we had just come.

15 December 2006

We left as soon as the morning fog lifted and were going to try and make up for lost time by driving straight thru without stopping for our usual coffee and lunch breaks. We could only hope that we did not have additional defective tires under us as we headed out. We had a smooth ride and made it without incident to the now famous border town of El Paso. We settled into the Fort Bliss Army campground on the west side of town for two days. We will lay over tomorrow and see what there is to see and prepare for the final push across New Mexico and Arizona and up into Las Vegas.

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Anonymous said...

Woow that looks like a faulty tire. And $500 for one tire replacement sound a rip off to me. But heck what do I know. I hope you can settle it with the manufacturer.
Well have a good trip to Las Vegas they said the weather is nice out there.