Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Orleans, LA

9 December 2006

Today we headed out to New Orleans to revisit old ground for me and for the first time for Anneke. Dan and Corrie were great guides and we took the grand tour. We were surprised at the large crowds and good condition of the French Quarter and several of the other districts. We had coffee and what the Dutch would call “Oliebollen” and here are called beignets at the famous Café De Monde. After walking around the French Quarter and enjoying the sights and people we headed for a tasty lunch at Johnny’s po boy. New Orleans is a lot about food and entertainment and we love both.

Then for a reality check, we took a ride thru the Ninth Ward, also so much in the news. Again, you are quickly reminded of how powerful nature can be and the difficulties of overcoming these horrific events.

We then visited other districts that fared better during Katrina and enjoyed the unending varieties of housing construction and styles.

We ended our visit with a quiet dinner in Houma and chat in our “rig”. Tomorrow it is time to move on again.

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