Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rally in Bowling Green, Ohio

We returned to Ohio at the end of April to attend the State Winnebago club spring campout at the county fairgrounds in Bowling Green, Ohio. Since our local chapter was responsible for hosting this campout, Anneke and I arrived early to help with the preparations. The weather proved to be cold and wet with the same expected for the days running right up to the weekend event.

Our first order of business was to develop a parking plan for the expected 46 motorhomes. The fairgrounds have a large area that can accommodate hundreds of coaches, so space was not the issue. The plan was to keep all the coaches’ close to the activities building and parked according to chapter affiliations, six chapters expected. The concern was that all parking areas were in grass. With the heavy rains and heavy coaches, getting stuck was a real concern.

As the coaches arrived we were careful on putting them in solid spots and advising them of known soft spots to avoid. As it turned out all but one of the coaches did fine. One ran into trouble with a bit of a heavy foot and failing to heed the soft spot warnings. It finally was able to settle into a spot after several hours and two large tow trucks got it out of the mud.

The key to these events is good food and fun. These gatherings are all about having fun and enjoying the company of folks who enjoy the RVing experience. Our club members worked hard to give everyone a good time and I think we succeeded.

During this event, we finally filled our final officer positions in the club and most everyone was sworn in. One of the newly appointed officers missed this event and apparently was hoping to leave town before taking the oath. He ran out of luck when we surrounded him in his RV while driving out of the fairgrounds. In an unusual ceremony, we swore him in behind the wheel of his motorhome with many club members in attendance. As I said, this is all about fun.

Next we head to our RV dealer for some repairs and possible upgrades.

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