Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Colorado Springs

We arrived in Colorado Springs a week ago Sunday and are camped at the Air Force Academy campground. We have spent most of our first week assisting our daughter, Katie, in her search for a house to purchase as her new home while she is assigned to the teaching staff at the Air Force Academy. The weather has been less than helpful with rain and cold weather our constant companion. We looked at a number of homes and Katie made a good choice and managed to get an accepted offer completed by the end of the week and just before another potential buyer made their offer. What a difference than the Toledo housing market.

After a celebratory dinner, Katie headed back to Las Vegas for her final checkout and we found ourselves with a new guest in the motorhome. Cosmo the cat will be spending a few weeks with us until Katie gets settled in. We learned early that we need to pay more attention to simple things like leaving cabinets open and to look before sitting. So far there have been no major problems.

Our first full day on our own again, we headed out to Old Colorado City for their annual Territory days celebration, but we did not get to see much as we were quickly driven back to the car by heavy rain and lightning strikes in the area.

Today was practice day for the Air Force air demonstration team-The Thunderbirds-as they get ready for their show at the Academy graduation ceremony tomorrow. Unfortunately, they practice directly over the campground. While I normally would love to observe this from close quarters, the FAA has a different view and all campers had to leave during the actual practice period. We did get to see some close up passes early in the morning as they made some routing flights over the area which were not covered by the FAA rules. It was tough trying to get pictures among the trees as planes, going nearly 500 mph, fly over head at just above tree top level.

After vacating the area for the practice, we did find an acceptable spot to watch the practice and I only wish I had the presence of mind to bring my telephoto lens.

We will be evacuated again early tomorrow, thus also avoiding the crowds for graduation and weather permitting hope to get in our first full day of sightseeing in the area.

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