Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, May 09, 2009

maintenance and upgrades

After leaving Bowling Green, we headed to Delta, Ohio and our RV dealer, Shafer’s RV. We have mentioned them several times in the past, last time being:

We had a number of issues to be repaired, the most important being problems with our slides-those rooms that slide out to give you more space inside the coach. They have been reluctant to come back in on occasion and I consider this to be a big problem, as this prevents us from moving. We accumulate a list of work and try to always come back to Shafer’s to have it done. The reason is simple. They know what they are doing, are trustworthy and do the job right at a fair price.

They managed to complete our list. The slides required a part that took several days to be delivered, so we happily camped at the dealership. Since there was additional time to have things done, we decided to upgrade our TVs to digital and Shafer’s had the knowledge to modify the locations to mount the TV’s. The new installations are great and while we are the last in the family, we have now joined the digital/HD TV fraternity and will not have to be scoffed at by our children any longer.

As we noted in the past posts, Shafer’s RV is also a truck dealer and they do a lot of farming and it is planting season. So we observed a lot of early hour to late hour farming activity. It reminded me of my childhood, but we never had equipment like this.

This extended stay waiting on work allowed us to get some personal maintenance in as well. We saw Dentist’s and Doctors before our next big journey.

Next, we start our trek west to Colorado Springs.

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dzer0 said...

Congratulations of the new TV, welcome to the 21st century! :D