Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manitou Springs

After we got some exercise at the Garden of the Gods, we headed to Manitou Springs for lunch. This is a small town west of Colorado Springs that got its start as a mineral spring’s health resort. The mineral waters and cool dry air was thought to help ease Tuberculosis symptoms. Some of the old resorts remain and there are a number of restaurants in town.

Currently, it is likely best known as one of the gateways to Pike’s Peak via the Cog Railroad. As we wandered the main street I was struck by the idea that it was a town very much like Sedona, AZ. It relies on its location near natural attractions and all the stores are filled with stuff to extract money from tourists. Good luck in finding a grocery or hardware store.

Nevertheless, it is a pleasant town to walk around and we did find a very good place to have lunch. We ended up at PJ’s located in one of the original hotels in town that is currently a full time resident hotel. It is always a gamble when having a meal in a local tourist town eatery, but we lucked out. This place is operated by folks from Poland and they prepare northern European dishes that proved to be both reasonably priced and very good. In fact, we plan on going back for a second sampling while we are here.

Next clear day, we are heading for Pike’s Peak.

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