Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, June 20, 2008


We spent four nights and the better part of five days in Resaca, GA to visit our daughter –Gretchen and family. Of course, I think we can say without offending anyone that the star of the visit was Aleister, who turned one just a few months ago. He has changed a lot since we seen him last, he was a whole new and even more interesting person. On our last visit, he learned to roll over. Now he is on the verge of walking. I suspect it will be any day now. He moves with agility in the crawl mode and can move around upright with the support of objects as he moves along. He is a happy and bright child, who will no doubt amuse and torment his parents in the coming months and years. That seems only fair. :)

We stayed at the same Bed and Breakfast as we did on or last visit- The Little River country inn and petting farm. This is a very nice place owned by friendly and helpful folks. We again made use of the golf cart provided to guests to tour the farm and enjoy the animals and river views. This time Aleister was old enough to take part in visiting the petting farm. It might be a stretch to say that he enjoyed the visit. Perhaps next time.

It was a great visit and we wish we could spend more time watching his young antics, but we certainly plan to be back. It is a busy time here, with Aleister learning new tricks every day, working parents and the current project of expanding the homestead with a large add on to the house. This project will give them needed room and more spaces for Aleister to explore. If only the contractors will show up once in awhile. They all must take a special course on scheduling and reasons not to show on the agreed dates.

We are off next to visit Heather and Ryan in FL. We miss the motorhome but not the diesel bills.

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