Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Toybox

Last weekend we attended an impromptu gathering with some of the members of our Winnebago club. There was no formal meeting planned for June, so one of our members, who owns property near Archbold, Oh invited us to come and camp on his property and see what would develop. This turned out to be a great long weekend with four coaches attending plus our generous hosts. The owners refer to this property as the “Toybox”, as this is where they have inside storage for their motorhome and some of the classic cars that they have collected. This spot also has a very nice area around a pond for campfires, cookouts and some fishing.

In addition to our usual fun activities of eating, card games and storytelling, a few of us tried our hands at some pond fishing. For me, this was the first time in a long time I had a pole in my hand. We also got an up close look at some classic cars and in my case, had my first ride in a model T Ford. This was a real fun experience.

Our hosts also operate a business, making, among other things, special screens for the RV industry. So we also made a visit to their factory and got the dime tour. Clearly some folks have a stronger sense of entrepreneurship than others (like me). Anneke says that is too bad.

I am glad to say that this kind of outing is what makes the RV hobby so much fun and makes you forget about the ever rising cost of fuel.


Anonymous said...

Nice Catch! Sounds like a good weekend... A Model T ford... did that come after models A, B,...S?

The Bandy's said...

Yeah, my dad taught me how to fish, but I had to learn the hard way about removing Catfish from a hook ;-) Looks like fun!