Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Face Lift

One of the main reasons that we have spent so much time in Ohio this summer is our unsold house. One of the items that needed to be addressed before the next northern winter is the roof. Ours has nearly reached the end of its useful life and we have spent a considerable amount of time looking for the right contractor and deciding exactly what we wanted. If you count the whole time we have been thinking about this, it has been about five years. Now the time has come. We have found the contractor that we think we can rely on and made the final decision on a possible face lift, as well.

So this past Monday, it began. We decided on streamlining the appearance of the roof and remove the false dormers in the attic. This proved to be more of a task than I expected, as they were very well mounted on the roof. The roof is very steep and the contracting crew had to definitely use the old sailing adage one hand for the ship and one for yourself to stay firmly on the roof.
It was very interesting to watch as they proceeded to change the appearance of the house. They completed the work in a timely fashion, in the way we expected and with a pleasing result. What more can you ask.

There were several thoughts that lessened my joy on the completion of this long thought about project. First, how much diesel this project cost could have purchased and the second-well -that old timeline thing-the roof has a longer life expectancy than I do.

With this project complete, we are off on our delayed trip to visit our grandson and family and then head further south to our daughter there.


The Bandy's said...

Totally agree with your choice to lose the dormers - finished product looks very clean and nice. Glad it went reasonably painless.

Anonymous said...

The house looks great! Hopefully this will help the sale... although I'll miss it...