Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Homework in Florida

Our visit to our daughter Heather and Ryan’s home has been filled with plenty of activity, mainly work and more work on the house and yard. The house was repainted over the course of three days under hot and humid conditions. But before the work could be completed, Anneke and Heather had to decide and more importantly agree on the color. I did the prudent thing and stayed out of the discussion. After two days of discussion, trips to numerous paint stores and test runs a color was finally decided and the work could begin.

Since the house is only one level on a slap foundation, the painting was not that difficult except for the oppressive weather conditions. With some teamwork and regular supervision from Anneke the job was completed without major problems and, I think, in a timely fashion.

Once I recovered from that effort, we tackled some of the larger issues in the yard, including major tree trimming and removal of what turned out to be half a ton of old rotting firewood.

I have decided that I am ready for some R & R before anymore projects.

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"Positive Thinking" by Raj said...

What a lovely house !!!
The place seems to be filled with peace and tranquility !!!