Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Charleston, SC

We are wrapping up a quick four day visit to Charleston, SC. There are many things to see and do in this city and surrounding area. If you are at all interested in history this is a must see destination. This area has been important to the development of modern America and been involved from the very beginning. The old downtown area is filled with historical churches, homes and buildings. We did a whirlwind tour of these with one of those horse drawn carriage companies that proved to be very informative. Days could be spent just visiting the churches and associated graveyards. One of the important buildings is the Old Exchange, but unfortunately, we did not make it inside this trip. Next time.

Due to our short stay and the less than cooperative weather, we have been able to just see a small amount of the area. Our second stop was the oldest continuously in use plantation in the country. It is celebrating its 320th year in operation under less than a hand full of owners. It has a fascinating history that reflects the many changes that have occurred over the three centuries it has existed. It remains today, a private plantation/farm, and also a place to explore America’s history. At its peak, it had over 400 slaves in residence and was in turn major cotton, brick and then pecan producer. As you approach and drive beneath the nearly three hundred year old live oak trees, you start your journey into the past. Today you can walk the grounds and see and hear a number of interpretive venues into the past from the main house to several hundred year old slave quarters.

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