Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Navarre Beach, FL

We departed central Florida a week ago and are camped in Navarre Beach Florida, just a few miles from our daughter Heather’s home. It is one of the great advantages of RVing to be able to spend time with your children and still be able to go home every evening.

Almost immediately upon arrival, we joined into into the local scene, as Heather wanted us to attend one of her schools functions to take pictures. It was a kindergarten Christmas show. Heather teaches third grade and was just helping out. It has been a long time since we attended one of these events and it brought back some fond memories.

Two days ago, I managed to string together enough bad decisions that I found myself on an improperly placed and prepared ladder trying to rub out some scratches on the motorhome, and sure enough, it toppled and took me with it. Now I would say that the majority of sites we park in have dirt and grass surrounding the motorhome, but of course, this time it is concrete and large stones. I bounced off the surface and managed to beat up my left arm and wrist nicely. Someone must have been looking out for me, as I apparently only badly bruised my arm and wrist. Just two days later, I am able to sit and type this. Hopefully, I will recover fully without the need for medical intervention and all that comes with that. While I feel very stupid and certainly did know better, I also feel lucky, as I have several friends who have been involved with ladder mishaps and the results were far more unpleasant. I am again reminded how quick things can go bad and the need to be careful. Oh Yes, and to have safe fun while you can.

Also, this week our daughter,Katie, arrived for the holidays and brought her dog Halley along. Due to the poor weather covering apparently the entire nation, she arrived a day late and had to depart immediately with Heather to visit our daughter, Gretchen, and their nephew, Aleister in GA. So we are now dog watching Halley. At this point it almost inspires us to rush out and get a traveling companion of the four feet variety.


Anonymous said...

I knew u would want one of ur own after a little time w Halley... You just can't keep her!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought that rig came with a "Safety Diretcor"..??????
Recover speedily and Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Nice ladder, Chuck. Maybe Santa will bring you a new one with safety cleats. At least you didn't break anything important.

Anonymous said...

Wat een leuk hondje ! gezellig hoor zo'n beestje (al is het tijdelijk)

Je hebt zeker geluk gehad bij een ongeluk, hopelijk is het weer snel genezen.

Alvast de allerbeste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar ! en veel veilige mijlen gewenst.

Hans en Bianca