Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Identical Twins

Our cruise ended all too soon and it was time to return to reality without a butler and pick up the motorhome in Key West. When we returned, we found the campground had started to fill up. Since we wanted to take two days to reorganize before starting our trek north, we moved into the dry camping area. This was actually very enjoyable and allowed me to put some time on the generator. Heading out, we retraced our steps on the overseas highway and made a stopover in Miami at the same park we spend time in before heading to Key West.

Our current goal is to reach the panhandle of Florida by the 15th, where the plan is to remain to enjoy the holidays with Katie , Heather and Ryan. We will miss being with our grandson during this period, but we keep up with his goings on via his blog site (okay it is really his mom’s):

On the way north we had the chance to visit with a couple from our Winnebago Club, Tony and Pauline Shelbourn, who we caught up with at a campground in Zephyrhills, FL. They sadly are on their last RV trip. After spending a number of years in the US, they have moved back to Great Britain. They are enjoying being back in the UK and their country home.

We have called this blog the twins because, as you can see, we have identical motorhomes and also both have red cars. We purchased our RVs from the same dealer in the same year. Then we joined the same Winnebago Club and the rest is history. We enjoyed good conversation and dinner with them yesterday and we managed to get a picture of them enjoying one of the many pleasures of RVing. This is particular important for them, as the sun hardly ever shines in Great Britain.

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