Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ships passing

3 December 2007
We are moving on today to Live Oak, Fl. It has been a very enjoyable stay in Mayport and the surrounding area. Particularly enjoyable was watching the many military and commercial ships passing by our front window. Some of these are shown here.

Last night, as we walked back from our last stroll of the beach at sunset, there was a Navy ship departing for a patrol. It is always fascinating to watch them go by. But tonight we were also reminded that these are not pleasure cruises. There were several young women near us on the breakwall with small children. One of the young boys was yelling loudly that his dad was on that ship. The ship was likely on its way for a patrol that can last six to nine months, so the boy and his family will not see his father for Christmas or for many months to come. His father and hundreds of other sailors will be doing their duty in harm’s way.

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Anonymous said...

Lijkt me ee prachtig gezicht al die schepen. Hartverscheuren zo'n ventje.

gr petra