Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Visit to Resaca, GA

28 November 2006

Today we traveled from Charlotte, NC to Resaca, GA to visit with Gretchen and BO. We selected a KOA very nearby their home as a good base for the two days. It had glowing literary prose in the guide about their wooded sites with privacy and suitable for big rigs. Imagine our surprise when we arrived and found this very small and less than adequate campground. With considerable difficulty we found a space to park that had the coach hanging out at both ends. The only thing big about the place was the very long list of rules. Rather than a sign of welcome, you were greeted by a large sign of multiple warnings about the penalties of breaking the long list of rules. It turns out that, at least for us, KOA stood for Kampground of annoyance.

But we put this frustration behind and had a great evening with Gretchen and Bo and caught up on events since our last visit in March. We saw first hand some of the big changes since our last visit. Bo has been converted into a cat lover and they have gone from keeping the neighbor cats at bay to owning five very cute cats. Four of them are Bengal cats, which are a breed that is relatively new, and look very much like little tigers. They have made a special addition on the porch which gives the cats a great place to safely enjoy the outdoors.

Of course, the discussions would not be complete without sharing our excitement about the arrival of the new addition to the family in the spring. We are all looking forward to this big event. There will be many changes to come in the future months as preparations are made for the new arrival.

29 November 2006

While Gretchen and Bo worked, we headed out to see Ruby falls and checking in with an Itasca dealer about our leaking slide. No luck with the slide, but the trip to Ruby Falls cave and underground water fall was definitely worth the trip.

We got to spend another enjoyable evening with Gretchen and Bo. Regretfully, we have to move on to meet a too tight schedule for a planned get together in Las Vegas for the holidays. We will be back in the spring.


Anonymous said...

I love how Bo looks positively menancing in the picture under the teeth. Glad you guys got to stop by, and we'll be holding Romeo for Annie in case you change your mind about having a 'camping cat' :-)


Wendy said...

Schitterende grot!!