Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, April 16, 2010

Family visit

We are moving on to our next stop in Decatur, Al. The two weeks in the panhandle were great. We had an extended celebration of Anneke’s birthday including a lunch out for two in Pensacola, an all hands dinner out in Destin, a day at the beach with lots of shells collected, and a family gathering at home for gifts with an excellent meal prepared by son in law Ryan. In the end, the best gift was the fact that we could have everyone there for a few days of family time.

There were some interesting gifts including customized M&Ms and wine
The visit was not without some stress, as we had a number of doctor visits to attend too. All was okay, but not without what is apparently going to be a norm of repeat visits to discuss issues that apparently center around the fact that we are not getting any younger.

Next we will be visiting Anneke’s Aunt and other family members in Decatur and hopefully get a little sightseeing in, as well.

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ellen said...

Nice pictures! What a beautiful beach! I hope all is well with you! I know, isn't it weird that you suddenly feel you aren't 18 anymore! Bah! :-)