Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, March 12, 2010

As Time Goes By

With a period of warmer, if not always dry weather, we have been spending more times outside enjoying nature, the Arts and visiting with friends old and new. There is a new nature park in Naples called Freedom Park that has walking trails and a chance to view native vegetation and animals close to town. In fact, what is most interesting about this park is its location. It is wedged in between a mall, golf club community and the Naples High School with the entrance along a major highway. But once you enter the walking trails, you could imagine that you were in a remote wilderness-at least some of the time.

We also have been visiting with friends who dropped by who are staying more north in Florida, who belong to our Winnebago club. I have mentioned before the serendipity that often seems to occur while traveling and meeting new people. As in often the case in campgrounds, we became friendly with our immediate neighbors who hailed from New Jersey and regretfully had to go home a few days ago. After they left, we noticed the unit that was parked next in line, who had arrived in the last few days hailed from New York, but had not gotten a chance to say hello. So, on our way out of the park a day or so ago, Anneke asks where in New York they are from. It turns out that they are from the same area I was raised. This led to more conversation and eventually, we discovered that he and I had gone to the same Maritime College in New York City and he was just one year behind me. Given the small size of that school-what are the odds? We are hoping to get to know them better before they also head out in the next few days.

Finally yesterday was a day of culture. We visited the Naples Museum of Art in the morning, followed by a traditional Japanese lunch and in the evening a concert by the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra. Who says sailors have no class?

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