Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sedona, AZ

March 29, 2008
We have heard from a number of people the last few years that one area we had to see was Sedona, AZ. As you have seen in the last few entries, there are lots of interesting things to do. Sedona is a town located in the middle of a relatively small canyon known as Red Rock. The mountains rise all around the town and indeed the town is growing up on the slopes.

This is another AZ location that has attracted the artist community and has made itself not only a highly desirable (and expensive) place to live but also has become a vacation destination. It should be noted that while we were there (spring break) traffic has also grown to the point of grid lock most of the time.
I can imagine that I would enjoy living in some of the homes seen on the hill side with terrific views of the mountains, but the multi-million dollar price tags will force me to look elsewhere.

We explored much of the mountain areas and enjoyed the colors, forms and lighting at various times of the day. We visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which has a great location on the side of the mountain and can give inspiration to the hardest of hearts.

Sedona itself is, I guess, a haven for the avid shopper of trinkets from the simple t-shirt to the most expensive of Object de Art. Anneke got the t-shirt for herself and one for Aleister, our Grandson. His is reddish brown and dyed with local dirt, and it says “Grandma and Grandpa went to Sedona & all I got was this DIRTY SHIRT !

In this group of photos, I have included my first self-portrait of the season taken close to sunset in a quiet and remote hill location with the help of my trusty camera self timer.


Anonymous said...

A picture of Dad!! nice

The Bandy's said...

I'm sure Aleister will love the 'dirty' shirt - he sure loves making his clean ones dirty!

I'm very glad to see a picture here and there that includes the photographer. Don't want to make the same mistake your dad did.

Fantastic pictures by the way!