Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, November 18, 2019

A Redneck tour and Cracker Barrel

17 Oct 2019

While at the rally, we did two tours arranged for by the rally hosting club.  The first was a Redneck tour of Nashville by bus.  We did see a few places that we have not visited before and it proved to be a very entertaining outing.  Our self-proclaimed Redneck tour guide was hilarious with constant redneck lore and insights on Nashville.  During the tour he managed to grill every passenger on the bus.  It was truly one of those things where you must have been there to get it.  It was a fun outing.

The second tour was completely different but very interesting also. One of the great things about attending these rallies is having folks with local knowledge arrange for tours you would likely not know about yourself.  This was one of those events.   We visited the warehouse that holds all the decorations that go into new Cracker Barrel restaurants and updates or changes for existing restaurants.  The small team of employees are responsible for planning each location’s theme and all items that will go into the layout.   We had a great discussion with the daily operations manager on how they find the items and how they plan the design for each location.  He made it sound like a fun job. 

The tour of the materials in stock was amazing just for the sheer volume of items on hand.  This link has a very nice write-up on the warehouse.


Jim and Sandie said...

Now that Cracker barrel tour is one I would really enjoy. I've always wondered where in the world all that stuff comes from.

Phyllis said...

Oh my gosh .... I had no idea the Cracker Barrel warehouse was up in Nashville. We live just 150 miles south. Need to keep that in mind once Leonard has breathing under control and can walk more. Thanks for the info.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I'd have been able to stock up half of Cracker Barrel's warehouse with items from my basement when we retired, sold our house and hit the road FT. If only they'd have asked, they could have saved me a lot of work disposing of stuff. ;c)

Campobello Sightseeing said...

That ware house is AMAZING!

Nickie and Jim said...

Hard to believe all the junk in this world!!