Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, November 23, 2018

Pine Mountain GA

14, 15 Sept 2018
Our FMCA club rally was held at the Pine Mountain RV Resort.  It is a large campground with over 200 sites.  8 rigs came together to enjoy a good time visiting and sharing experiences.  Somehow, we managed not to take a single picture of the gathering.

While there we visited the small resort town of Pine Mountain, formerly called Chipley.  The town was founded as Chipley in 1882.  In 1952, the Callaway Gardens opened and advertised that is was in the Pine Mountains of GA.  The town of Chipley decided to change its name to Pine Mountain when the gardens opened.  Today it is a small tourist town.  It is a short drive from the campground and we visited it several times.

CallawayGardens is the big attraction in the area.  It was founded by the Callaway family to protect the native Azalea species.  It is now a gardens and resort complex with over 6500 acres.  We were not in the prime garden seasons, but we enjoyed the trails and visiting some of the exhibits including the butterfly house. 

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