Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brian

We continued to travel north in time to attend the birthday celebration of a friend that I met over 30 years ago while working in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have been sworn to secrecy concerning our time there, but suffice it to say it was not all work. Brian is celebrating his 60th birthday with the help of his charming wife Susan. They live in Washington, D. C. but have a place in the WVA hills outside Capon Bridge on over 25 acres of wooded property. We made the trek into the hills from our campground in Winchester, VA and enjoyed a multi day party. After successfully navigating the back roads, we arrived at the chalet for the big event. We enjoyed a hike on the estate with Susan and some of her family. I made a mental note that if I ever buy a large property to make sure some of it is level. This hike included mostly straight up or straight down the mountain, but truly beautiful country.

The party was a big success with lots of food and good times. It was also the largest gathering of alumni from my college-New York Maritime-which I have attended in quite some time.

In addition to the friends made during his Coast Guard service, there was also a lot of family who traveled for the big day. Most everyone stayed on the estate, some sleeping in tents. Everyone had a great time.

We were very glad to have been able to be there.


Unknown said...

Dear Chuck & Anneke,
Thanks so much for coming. Great foto's. Enjoyed catching up with you. Now that you have the lay of the land, feel free to come with your RV anytime. I agree with you on those hills every day when Susan drags me out for a hike to keep my heart pumping. Also, many thanks for the redneck suspenders; the caterer was trying to get them from me.
Brian & Susan
P.S. Pete & Wilma will not be making it in from Holland over Memorial Day weekend. We'll probably head there later this summer.

Denise Landers said...

I enjoyed your photos of my brother's party. I wasn't able to attend this time because of my husband's surgery and a house relocation, so it was nice to see everyone having a good time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great party :)