Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, January 25, 2010

Heading south

We have traveled to Bushnell, FL enroute south to visit with some friends that are staying there. After spending a month with our daughter in the Florida panhandle, we also had the itch to do some sightseeing. While this area is popular with a number of snowbirds, it is certainly not well known for tourist attractions. We decided to first visit Clermont, Fl, once the center of the citrus industry and home of the Citrus Tower built in the 1950’s. Today it stands as an old fashion attraction for an industry which has left and been replaced by housing developments as urban sprawl.

We journeyed to the top and were rewarded with a view of the current landscape of malls and housing developments, where once there was fields covered in citrus trees. Below the tower is yet another fading tourist attraction is the form of a forlorn looking presidential museum.

A bright spot on the return trip was a stop at a local winery with a great tour and tasting room. We picked up a number of the products for further testing at the motorhome.,_Florida

The second tourist attempt was a visit to Mount Dora, Florida, which actually got its start as a resort destination in the late 1800’s and became well known for the Lakeside Inn, which still is in operation. There is steady stream of traffic on the lake and the many shops in town are a large draw for visitors.

We have been spending the rest of our time here visiting with friends.

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