Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, December 04, 2009

Brunswick, Ga

The city of Brunswick is another of the Atlantic coastal towns of local and national historic significance. Founded in 1771, it was declared by George Washington as one of the original five ports of entries. It has played a significant maritime role ever since. Today it remains an important maritime port as a major auto transportation port. During WWII it played a vital role in the war effort. Over 16000 shipyard workers built 99 of the vital and famous liberty ships and Knot class ships that helped insure the successful outcome of the war.

The city is involved today as a training center for the department of Homeland Security and hosts a number large commercial and governmental endeavors.
It is a tourist destination and growing as a retirement location.

Nestled among the historic homes is the Lovers Oak. This is a tree that legend has it was used by native Americans as a place to meet and court. This tree was on this spot when the Constitution was signed.

The city and the surrounding area is a must visit.

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