Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was the last park to be visited and it was the most crowded of all. There was no surprise in the fact that there were children of all ages and strollers everywhere. Much of the parks rides were off limits to those who were not traveling with small children. Watching some of the parents struggling with those children, I must admit, made me appreciate the fact that mine are all grown up. On the other hand, it was rather nostalgic remembering our family outing when the girls were small.

We did manage to take in some of the rides, like the rivers of the world cruise and the It’s a Small World tour. Anneke enjoyed seeing the Dutch display there, since they were not represented in the nations of Epcot. The real thrill ride was the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We also toured the full size tree home of the Swiss Family Robinson.

We toured all the various lands and gift shops and finished our day with the parade including all the Disney characters.

Judging by the crowds and the mostly smiling faces, it appears that the Park remains a big hit after all these years and in spite of the advent of the personal digital entertainment age.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to the fantasy land of Disney and head to a Family Motor Coach Rally in Brooksville, FL. I look forward to spotting some fantasy there, as well.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Anneke en Chuck,
Wat ziet er allemmaal gezellig uit. De foto van de kinderwagesn op rij vind ik zo leuk. Nog veel plezier op jullie tochten.

The Bandy's said...

Aleister loved his postcard. I showed him how to tilt it and make the picture change and he shouted 'OHHHHH' and walked around with it constantly tilting it - it was a big hit!

I guess the Magic Kingdom will be in my future someday - it seems to be an obligatory thing for parents.