Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Casa Grande

We have been in Casa Grande, AZ for the last week. This has been very quiet week as Anneke continues to recover from her ankle injury. We have mostly hung around the resort and relaxed. There is not as much excitement around a campground as there is in a crowded anchorage, where there is always a fellow boater to watch as they struggle to get settled at anchor with a strong wind blowing or dealing with an inexperienced crew. But occasionally, there is a bit of excitement. This week we had a somewhat remarkable rig pull in and as luck would have it, it was across the way from us. While there was not a lot of amusement to be had by his setting up, the unusual rig did create a stir and there was a continuous flow of rubber Necker’s stop by to check things out.

We did get to spend some time with Anneke’s first cousin Adriana and her daughter Samantha, who live in the area. It was good to spend time with close family.

The big project for the week was to restring one of the day night blinds in the coach. It proved to be a longer job than expected, but next time it will go faster. I am sure that is so, as we will be able to ignore the less than quality instructions for completing the project.

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The Bandy's said...

Seems redundant to have a sleeper cab when you're pulling a mobile house but it's an interesting setup to say the least.