Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Historic Columbia River Scenic byway

Historic Columbia River Scenic byway

16 June 2017

We took a bus tour of the original scenic route 30 loop. Despite the heavy rain, we stopped at Chanticleer Point, followed by a stop at the historic Vista house for a foggy view of the river. We then continued the Old Scenic highway, where we saw numerous falls including:   the Latourell, Wahkeema, Multnomah and Horsetail falls. With the heavy rains, we only explored the Multnomah Falls in any detail. It was poring rain so hard, I was sure my camera would be damaged trying to get these pictures.  Somehow it survived.

We then stopped at the Bonneville ACOE visitor center to learn about the flood control on the Columbia River. An amazing number of eels were passing thru the fish ladder system.

Next, we headed high into the clouds and rain to Timberline Lodge built in 1937 and dedicated by FDR.  In good weather, it is said to have a great view of MT Hood.  We had heavy rain and fog with no view but enjoyed visiting the lodge and ski resort.  Skiing is possible year around on MT Hood most years.  There was about four feet of snow at the time of our visit. 


Nickie Jim said...

Your camera did you proud regardless of heavy rain! Too bad the weather was so goopy 'cause the entire gorge is so photogenic. Oh well, next time!

Happytrails said...

You got some great pics despite the rains. Multnoma Falls were beautiful, and I love the pictures of the clouds in the hills.