Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Taking the long way around from NY to western PA

18 June 2019

Leaving my sister’s home, we decided to take the back roads to go thru Pennsylvania.  As it turned out there were several flaws in this plan.  First, we had forgotten just how bad some of the roads in PA really are.  Secondly, we did not have a good state map and our GPS was fighting us at every turn about our choice of route.  For awhile it felt like we were just going in concentric circles. 

We passed over the Kinzua Point dam and pulled into the information center and overlook.  It was a very nice spot, but it looked as thou the center had been closed for some time.  Took some time to enjoy the view and then continued to our destination. 

We drove thru several towns along the way and we finally came upon our first choice for an overnight stop in a rural area. Its resort label was quickly forgotten as we passed rows of derelict RV’s with many tarps covering the roofs. The owner escorted us to the best available site which was dirt/gravel and the hookups looked to be 50 years old. We quickly made an about face and started looking for another park. 

We arrived at Adventure Bound RV Park in time for happy hour.  This was a beautifully maintained full-service park with many seasonal rigs.  They recently had very heavy rainstorms and there was evidence of that in our site.  A camper stopped by to say that he had this site when he first came to the park and it completely flooded during the storm.  It seems that our spot was the drain point for this section of sites.  Luckily it did not rain during our one-night stay.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Empire State

13 June 19

We crossed into New York State heading to my sister’s home for a family visit.  I spent the first 22 years of my life here.  After I finished college, I have only returned for family visits.  The area south of Rochester is beautiful country but the winter can be brutal. 

We camped at Watkins Glen SP.  This park is well known for beautiful hiking trails and scenic falls that keeps the park full during good weather. We arrived in rainy conditions and could not enjoy any of these.

The next morning, we decided to travel north on the west side of Seneca Lake and visit some of the many wineries that line the hills above the lake.   Lakewood Vineyard, our first stop, proved to be a winner.  They produce a German style red wine called Lemberger. We really enjoyed these wines and bought several bottles.  The other wineries had mostly sweet wines which we do not care for.

My sister and husband live on a 10-acre property and we park near a large barn where we have electric hookups.  We do not get to visit that often, so there are always things to catch up on.

We spent more than the usual amount of time talking about family history.  This was due to the recent passing of my aunt on my mother’s side.  We went to visit the home where she lived. When I was 2, my parents and my mother’s parents purchased a dairy and crop farm. We lived and worked on that farm for ten years.  In the end, the farm could not generate enough money to support everyone.  The farmland was sold, and we moved closer to Kodak, where my father was also working.  My grandparents and my aunt continued to live in the farmhouse until they passed away. My aunt lived in that house for 70 years.   This house has some interesting local history.  It was built in the early 1800’s from stones that were removed during the digging of the Erie Canal. There are a number of Erie Canal houses still in use in the area.

My sister arranged for tickets to a Rochester Red Wings baseball game.  She belongs to a group that provided a buffet dinner and drinks before the game.  Luckily, it also turned out that we had seats under a large stadium overhang as it started to rain.  In the end, the game was called for rain, which was too bad because the home team was doing really well.  It was a good evening out.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Intercourse PA and a couple of stops along the way

11, 12 June 19

Our next destination was Intercourse, PA to spend a few days in Pennsylvania Dutch country. 
But first we stopped quickly in Lewis, Delaware to see the Dutch Museum that celebrates the first European settlement in Delaware in 1631. The museum was closed but information on the museum is here

As we were looking for a place to stop for lunch, we found Delaware City.  It was just what we were looking for to have lunch. A quaint downtown area with park and view of the waterfront.  While we did not have time to visit it, within walking distance is Fort Delaware which was used during the Civil War as a prisoner of war camp.

We had stayed at the Beacon Hill RV park in Intercourse some years ago, when we were full timers.  Then we had a 40 ft motorhome and by default had one of the larger sites with a direct view of an Amish farm. This time they were going to put us in a smaller site in the back, but we opted to pay for the larger site for the view. After looking at some of our pictures we saw that we had the same site that we had years before. The campground is aptly named as the road is very steep and the sites can be very difficult to maneuver into with larger RV’s.  We watched a large fifth wheel having a very difficult time getting into a site with a steep incline.  The pickup was underpowered for the job and could barely back the fifth wheel up the hill.  All in all, the fifth wheel took around 30 minutes getting into the spot, attracting a number of onlookers in the process.

We had a great view of the farm and observed the operations as they went about their work.  

We went to the Amish shopping area for some of the farm goodies and did a drive thru the countryside.