Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Fort Toulouse -Fort Jackson park and campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

24 Oct 2019

Our last stop before heading home was the Fort Toulouse/Jackson campground.  The campground is located on a historical site that first had European occupation in 1717 when soldiers from French Louisiana contacted the Alibamu native tribe. These natives were part of the Creek Confederacy and invited them to build a fort along the river. The French would later build two replacement forts.  A more detailed history can be read here.

The campground has 39 sites along the Coosa River with power and water.  We spent a quiet evening along the river.

In the morning, we walked over to the partial reconstruction of fortifications built by General Andrew Jackson in 1814. It included a moat and seven-foot-high walls that created a 15-foot barrier to attackers.  It is worth noting that the fort was built less than a year before he defeated the British in January of 1815.

Today, there are several replica buildings on the site including one of fort Toulouse III (1751 to 1763) and several native American structures.   Nearby is a Native American Mississippian mound which dates to 1100AD.  We did not visit the mound, so we will have to go back in the future.

Scenic drive along the Little River Canyon National Preserve

23 Oct 2019

Since the Little River Canyon scenic drive was very close to the Desoto State Park, we decided to travel part of the route after stopping at a ranger station to get advice on driving the route in our motorhome.  They were very helpful and pointed out the sections we should avoid and went over the route with us.  Our first stop on the drive was the Little River Falls.  Like the Desoto Falls, there was not much water flowing due to the dry conditions. 

The river canyon was carved out by over a million years of water flow that resulted in the 550-foot canyon that can be seen today.  The drive over the suggested section was no problem, however, many of the scenic pull offs were very rough with deep holes and rocks which were not safe for the motorhome.  We still enjoyed the drive and canyon views.   


Monday, December 02, 2019

Desoto State Park, Alabama

22 Oct 2019

We decided to overnight at the Desoto State Park in northern Alabama.  The Desoto Falls are in the park along with numerous hiking trails and other attractions.  We liked it enough that we spent a second night here.  The campground has spacious sites and paved roads.  Bathhouse and dump stations are nearby. 

We drove the motorhome over to the Desoto Falls and had no problem parking but the parking area is not particularly large.  It is a very scenic spot but due to lack of rain for an extended period, there was little to no water over the falls. Several locals mentioned that they have never seen it this dry.

We then took a short stroll on the Azalea Cascade Trail before driving some of the park roads and finding the very small park CCC Museum which is open by appt and on Saturdays.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a quiet evening at our campsite.