Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, May 11, 2018

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

15 June 2017
We traveled to the historic site in rainy conditions that would increase as the day wore on.  Fort Vancouver was a trading post operated by the Hudson Bay Company between 1824 and 1860.  A treaty with the United States allowed them to continue to operate even after the fort was located within the territory of Oregon.  This operation was a powerful force in the trading business in the region. 

As you tour the fort, you will encounter reenactors who will explain the operation of the fort and the trading business along with information on the lives of the fort’s occupants and those who traded with them. The explanations of how the trading business worked to the benefit of both parties in the trade is remarkable in its apparent fairness to both sides.  The native Americans were smart and careful traders.  Perhaps the thing that impressed me the most was the relative comfort of those who lived and worked around the fort. It appears to be a truly professional operation for its time.  It was a very informative visit and a must see for its history of the trading operations of the time period.


Carol K said...

Vancouver! That's where I live. P.S. You can fill in Oregon and Washington on your map now. 😀

Laura Skjenna said...

For some reason I haven't been getting notifications of your posts - I missed your whole trip west :-/ I sure hope you didn't go through Ottawa as I have a spot reserved for you in my laneway.

Fort Vancouver looks fascinating - I love re-enactment sites.

Erin Erkun said...

I'm always fascinated by life in these old forts.