Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, May 14, 2018

Astoria and Cape Disappointment

19 June 17

We took a guided tour of the city of Astoria including homes and history.  The Astoria Column, which is 125 ft high, remembers some of the important events in Astoria’s history and was designed as a tourist attraction.

Then we visited CapeDisappointment and had a good tour of exhibits covering its history and why the Columbia River is the most dangerous river entrance in the world. There are also numerous YouTube videos showing how dangerous it is.

We then returned to Astoria for a picnic lunch near the bridge and at the maritime memorial.

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Sherry said...

Boy you have some beautiful pictures of Astoria. Love the gorgeous houses and the deer just walking around in the neighborhood. The tower is really unique and artistic. Of course I love light houses and your picture at Cape Disappointment is very nice. Not sure how such a beautiful place could be called a disappointment. Although maybe your pictures told. My internet connection isn't good enough to click and make them bigger. Nice shot of the eagle.