Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Treasure Island

Today turned out to be a travel day from Shawnee, OK to just short of Hot Springs, AR.  We were looking for an ACOE park on the lake, but could not find it.  Ended up at the Treasure Isle campground on the water just 8 miles from Hot Springs.  It is a really nice place and accepts Passport America.  Cost was $15 plus tax.  Very friendly staff and a great place to spend time with a family.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

History along the road

Today we traveled south again in temps reaching 103F.  Along the way we stopped at the Kauffman Museum in Newton, KS.  It displays the history of the Mennonites arriving in Kansas in the mid 1800's, including their lifestyle and interaction with natives and other groups.

There is one picture that reflects how subgroups can be so different over time. The picture shows an American Mennonite woman and a Dutch Mennonite woman sharing a seat at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam in 1967

It also has a history section that looks at Mennonites through history, particularly during the Middle Ages, when persecution by other religious and  governments was widespread.

The museum also is preserving the many varieties of grassland plants on the site.  They have a mid 1800's barn and house to view.

A very well done historical site
We are spending the night at the fairgrounds in Shawnee, OK.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Roadside America

Yesterday was a travel day only.  We left the Cabela's campground in Sidney, NE and headed east and south.  As the day wore on, we began to see some darkening clouds to the south. Looking at the radar a major storm was brewing moving across our route of travel.  We managed to keep just a head of it. We turned south on route 183 and landed in a ACOE campground near Alma, NE.  We had no sooner set up near the lake and set our chairs out, than the rain began. It continued most of the night.  We had some small hail and lots of rain.  Nearest lighting seemed to be several miles away.  By morning, we had gotten five plus inches of rain according to our host.  All in all, pretty lucky.

Today, we left Alma and headed south.  While we moved along, Anneke got bored  driving thru Kansas and checked the RoadsideAmerica website  just in time to stop in Cawker City, KS.  Here we found the largest ball of sisal twine in the world.  As luck would have it, the lady who maintains and adds to the ball was onsite.  She invited us to help add more twine to the ball.  We were glad to lend a hand.

The old gas station can be rented for an overnight stay.

Heading further south, we stopped at the RollingHills Zoo in Salina, KS.  The park is committed to helping endangered species from around the world.  We were going to walk the 1.5 mile trail around the zoo.  After a short way on the trail in 100 degrees, we decided maybe the tram would be a good idea.  The tram ride was informative, but most of the animals that were able too, were hiding in the shade.

Attached to the zoo is a museum in the form of a diorama of  animals from around the world.  Since it was well done and had AC, we actually enjoyed this more than the zoo.

We are stopped for the night in a no shade campground along the freeway in McPherson, KS.  Still around 100 degrees.