Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Big Kill Devil Hill

2 June 2019

Before crossing into Virginia for our View Rally in Cape Charles, we made a stop at the site made famous by the Wright Brothers. Here they tested their airplane design on the steep sandy dunes on the windy North Carolina coast.  In the visitor center you can read about the trials and success of the Wright Brothers and other early aviators.

If you have any interest in aviation history this is a must-see location.

This was not our first time here, we visited in 1990 in a Tioga Arrow motorhome.   

Heading into Virginia, we had our first ever transit of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel. It was a lot more expensive on the weekend!  

Monday, July 15, 2019

Reaching the Outer Banks

As we continued to push north, we passed thru the town of Wilson, NC.  The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park is in the heart of town.  We walked thru the park and enjoyed the many designs.  It would have been better if we had some real wind.  If you are in the area, it is well worth visiting.  The whirligigs were designed and built by Vollis Simpson, a farm machinery repairman.  He worked on the sculptures seven days a week until about six months before he died at the age of 94.

We then entered the Outer Banks of North Carolina and stopped for 2 nights at the OBX campground along the water.  We had made a reservation, as we wanted to have a waterfront site.  Being the outer banks, we were some distance from the water, but that meant we had a huge backyard to enjoy.  It was a very nice park with level sites and full hookups.

It also had an unusual feature for a campground, on the highest point in the campground was an old cemetery.  While I did not find any info on the cemetery, it was clearly located on the only high ground in the area and seems to have been used into the 1930’s.