Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sharon Johnston Park, New Market, AL

15 Oct 2019

Our next stop was the Sharon Johnston county park.  It is large park with campground in a rural setting and plenty of room to walk and enjoy the scenery. We chose a rustic site which in many places would just be a regular site.  Full hookups are available, and rigs of all sizes can be accommodated. 

The park is named in honor of Sharon Johnston, a pilot who died while performing an aerobatic demonstration during an air show.  She was 31.  Her parents donated the property which she loved and is named in her memory. The park covers 250 acres and has numerous recreational activities.

It is a bit off the beaten path but well worth the visit.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Winnebago Tennessee State rally trip..started with problems and ended with sadness

15 Oct 2019

Before starting the trip saga, I need to say that after we arrived home Halley became very ill.  We took her to an animal hospital in Pensacola that was open on Sunday.  She was clearly getting worse.  They worked on her for 12 hours, but in the end she died from a severe pancreatitis infection.  It was very unexpected, she had great last RV trip with us and was full of energy.  She will be missed...a lot.

The trip:

Shortly after heading north on I 65,  we saw the dreaded check engine light.  We stopped short of our intended first night stop and stayed at the Montgomery South RV park while we tried to figure out what to do with the check engine light.  We have stayed here a number of times over the years and it still is a nice over night spot. 

We called Coach net and discussed the check engine light and they consulted with Mercedes in Montgomery. Since Mercedes was unable to look at it within a time frame we were comfortable with, we decided to continue on our journey. 

We found a small garage in Huntsville AL that worked on Mercedes Sprinters and  arranged for them to check the computer.  Turned out the code was for a fuel flow issue.  I had not seen any problems with this and the mechanic did not see an issue either. We just did a service at Mercedes including the fuel filter, suspect that it was installed without filling the filter with fuel. Long story short, we are now headed for an FMCA rally with over a 1000 miles since the light.  The light remains on and we will have it checked by our local Mercedes dealer on our return. 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Bird house guy of Indiana

28 June 2019

We stopped for a few days at our friends Jim and Helen’s home in IN.  They have a very nice RV pad next to their house with full hookups.  Each time we visit, they find something new to show us. This time was no exception.  They took us all over the countryside and we stopped at the Bird House man of Indiana.  It was a very interesting experience.  Everyone who visits gets a free birdhouse.            

We learned later that he is listed in RoadsideAmerica.   

It was amazing and the pictures tell it all:

After leaving Jim and Helen’s, we headed home after a great five-week trip.

When they close the road, the GPS will take you anywhere…

27 June 2019

After leaving The White-Water Canal site we decided to visit the Medora Covered Bridge.  This is the longest covered bridge in the USA.  It looked like an easy short ride on highways.  We plugged it into the GPS and headed out.  After just a few miles, we saw a sign stating road closed ahead.  We could see down the road that was indeed a road closed sign.  So, we took a left turn on a smaller road in this rural farm area.  The GPS quickly recalculated and started giving advice. 

At first it was OK; we were driving thru paved scenic farmland on numbered county roads.  After a couple turns, it took us on a gravel road.  Now, we normally avoid these roads but thought it would be ok.

 After several more of these turns, we ended up on a very small gravel and dirt road.  There was really no place to turn around safely, so we pressed on until we reached a very small and old bridge with a 3-ton weight limit.

We were stuck.  After looking over the bridge, I crossed it smartly without any drama and we continued this rough road but now with flooded fields on both sides.  Some part of the road had standing water, finally, we reached the main road, where we could see the bridge.

After the bridge visit, we saw several closed road signs, but cars were just going pass them.  It turned out that the closed road signs were for flooded roads from previous heavy rains.  Apparently, they do not take these signs down or cover them when not needed.

Friday, August 30, 2019

White Water Canal Historic site

27 June 2019

We stopped in Metamora, IN to visit the White-Water Canal Historic site.  Since we had just visited a similar site in Ohio, we wanted to learn more about these early canals.  Like the canal system in Ohio, these canals were dug by hand and were important transportation links with the rivers to move goods and people in the early 1800’s.  Today, this is a state historic site including the canal at lock #25 and Metamora grist mill.  The web site states that boat tours are offered during the season.

We first strolled around the quaint town.  It was quiet with very little activity.

We then moved to the lock and gristmill area.  The locks did not appear to be in working condition with one side of the lock had large amounts of mud visible.

Sadly, it appears that the town is not doing very well. Many of the buildings are in disrepair and a large number are for sale.