Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cheese making and a city park with campground

30 July 2018

As we continued across Wisconsin, Anneke knew about a Dutch immigrant woman who had started a cheese making business and restaurant along our route. We stopped there for lunch and looked around.  They have their own dairy farm and cheese producing facility.  Judging by the volume of customers, it seems to be a going concern.  In addition to lunch, you can take a tour of how the cheese is produced and shop for cheese and other products onsite.  My favorite part was the doors of the bathrooms.  The food was fine but the service could use improvement.

We spent the night at a city campground in Medford. The sites are located on either side of the thru road in the park. You self register at a spot on one side of the road. 15 dollars per night with electric and water. They had eight sites.  The road was not busy and we explored a portion of the walking trail in the park.  A nice place to spend the night.

Villa Louis

29 July 2018

Leaving Iowa and crossing the Mississippi River into Wisconsin at Prairie Du Chien, our first stop was the visitor's Center. We learned that there was a well preserved home from the early 19th century along the river.  Hercules Dousman made a great deal of money in the fur trade and many other investments in the early 1800's and moved with his family to Prairie Du Chien around 1830. He build the first family home along the Mississippi. By the time of his death in 1868, he was among the wealthiest  men in Wisconsin.  

Shortly after his death, his son build a new, far grander home on the same property after demolishing the first home. The family lived in this home, which is part of an historical park along the river which includes several other buildings and history of the war of 1812.

The home was certainly one of the best homes of this period that we have toured.  The lavish interior was meant to impress all who entered with the wealth of the family. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed inside. It is a must see home of the mid 1800's.

We stopped for the night at the ACOE park in Desoto, WI

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Clear Lake, IA

28 July, 2018

It has become our practice after leaving the Winnebago Rally to head just south to the town of Clear Lake.  It is a busy summer resort town centered on the namesake lake...Clear Lake.  We always ask for a spot next to the laundry, so we can easily complete this necessary chore after a 10 day or so dry camping event.  It is always a nice relaxing time.

This year, shortly after we set up, we received some uninvited and fairly pushy guests. These chickens apparently have the run of the park and made themselves right at home.  So our happy hour time was spent with those new guests. To be clear, we decided not to have chicken for dinner.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Grand National Rally and beyond

17 to 27 July 2018
Every year Winnebago holds a rally for owners of their RV's in Forest City, Iowa.  You can park on the rally grounds starting the Monday before the rally and enjoy the Puckerbrush celebrations put on in Forest City, Iowa. There can be a bit of a wait to get onto the rally grounds as many attendees arrive on the first day of parking.

 I always enjoy the low key small town parade and other events that occur each year.  It is getting harder to find such events these days. Near the grounds is the a Heritage Park that preserves the local farming history and this year they had some exhibits of early 19th century farming equipment being operated. They also have an extensive collection of other transportation related equipment.

For us the best part of these rallies is seeing friends we have not seen in some time.  This time we ran across a couple we traveled with on a rally in 2010.  Sadly, I failed to get any pictures. There were around 950 coaches attending the rally this year.

We had a huge storm pass thru with threat of tornadoes and Winnebago recommended taking shelter in the bathhouse.  We did that and I had my first opportunity to spend time in the ladies room and managed to finish happy hour at the same time..

Another great thing about the rally is being at the plant that builds our coach.  As luck would have it, we found two water leaks while there and had them both repaired at the factory, along with some needed repairs to our electric step.  Waiting for the repairs can take some time and some people were able to zone out while waiting.

We enjoyed the entertainment and spending time sharing our mutual experiences.