Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Hells Canyon on the Snake River

11 June 2017

While staying in Clarkson, WA, we took a boat tour on the Snake River that would take us through the area known as Hells Canyon.  This is a very popular area for recreation including remote camping, boating and rafting. Wildlife sightings is also a big part of the experience. This river has the deepest gorge in North America and is truly amazing.  After passing thru the gorge, we stopped at a former ranch for lunch and enjoyed watching the river from ashore. Most of the property along the river can only be accessed from the river side.

The return trip was just as much fun. Our last stop was at a small state museum site manned by volunteers during the season.  They stay on site for several weeks and then are relieved by the next group.


John and Carol said...

Enjoyed your post and all the great photos. We are planning on returning to Washington next summer and exploring the state more. We will definitely add this boat trip to our "to do" list. Thanks!

Phyllis said...

One of these days we just have to get out that way. One of only 4 states we have not visited.