Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Milledgeville, GA

1 May 2018

Milledgeville is a historic town known for its antebellum homes and museums.  It was also the second capital of Georgia including the Civil War.  The governor’s mansion and the second Georgia Capitol building are still standing.  The capital was under repair during our visit.

On the way into town we stopped at the Lockerly Arboretum for a stroll of the grounds and toured the Greek Revival plantation home “Rose Hill” which was built in 1852.  The tour is self-guided with information sheets in every room.

In town, we enjoyed viewing some of the Antebellum homes while walking to the Governor’s Mansion.  Most are in excellent condition.  We noticed that some of these homes are being used for student housing.

The Governor’s residence has a guided tour with history of the period.  The furniture and other niceties were furnished by the Governor at his expense.  In Nov 1864, General Sherman arrived in the town on his march to the sea.  The Governor and family left town before Sherman’s arrival taking as much of their possessions as possible with them. Compared to other stops on his march to the sea, Sherman did relatively little damage.  It was a very informative tour by local college students.  More of the town history can be seen here.

Our last stop in town was the Memory Hill Cemetery. It started as one of the four public squares in the town plan of 1803 and later named Cemetery Square.  Here rest many people of the town and Georgia from Governors, educators, slaves, soldiers and all other walks of life.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Georgia trip

The end of April we headed north for our grandson Aleister’s birthday. Somehow, we managed not to take any pictures of the big event, but we have his recent school picture. He is growing up fast.

After saying goodbye to the family, we headed out to explore some parts of Georgia that we have not seen before.  We first stopped at the Rock Eagle Effigy Mound in Eatonton, GA.  A group from Aleister’s school were going to stay at a 4H camp there for a week.  So, we thought we would take a look.  We did not get to see much of where he would be staying, since it was closed to the public.  The Rock Eagle Effigy Mound is thought to have been made around 2000 years ago.  From ground level it does not look like much but the tower at Rock Eagle allows you a clear view of the stone image.  It is amazing to think it is 2000 years old and still intact.  You can read about some research at the site here.

Eatonton, GA is home to the Uncle Remus Museum, which is dedicated to the work of the author Joel Chandler Harris.  Unfortunately, the inside of the museum with its many displays did not allow photography.  The many books he wrote reflected the history observed during his lifetime.  He spent time living on a slave plantation and produced the only plantation-based newspaper in the south.  As a young man he witnessed General Sherman looting his town on his march to the sea.  His most noted character, Uncle Remus, was made famous by the Disney movie “Song of the South”.   His books are still sold around the world today. We bought a few for our grandkids.