Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Traveling thru Texas

We have arrived in Kerrville, Texas to spend some time in the hill country with our friends Dan and Corrie, who are also here with their motorhome. The trip across the vast space of western Texas was uneventful, except for the high winds. We stopped over in Van Horn and Ozona, Texas. We enjoyed a quiet evening in Van Horn with beautiful sunsets. In Ozona, we ended up in a RV parking lot near downtown. It did not have much to recommend it except that we could walk to town. The town seemed to have been frozen in 1950’s with the now old fashioned small main street stores with limited goods and attitudes and service I remembered by my childhood. It was a pleasant change from the shopping malls of today. Despite the rather grim “RV” facilities, we met our RV neighbors, who were heading towards where we had just come from. We had a very nice visit sitting on the slab where the showers used to be for the RV park in better times, apparently long past.

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Anonymous said...

Love the "artsy" shot of the front windscreen and the RV sign tower in the background.