Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Saturday, February 24, 2007

mexico and dust storm

We awoke today to a forecast of severe weather in the form of very strong winds and dust storms. We have been seeing the signs along the highways warning of the possibility of zero visibility in strong winds and dust storms. Today we had the “opportunity” to observe what they were referring too.

Despite the forecast, we decided to head to Palamas, Mexico, since Anneke has never been to this country. We did the quick tour and enjoyed a good lunch at the Pink Store, but retreated early back across the border, as I had all the dirt I could eat for one day. On the way back, we dodged the hundreds of tumbleweeds that were rolling across the road in the high winds.

We will likely remain here an extra day, since the forecast is for more high winds and dust storms tomorrow. These are not perfect driving conditions and the motorhome is not the ideal vehicle for dodging tumbleweeds.

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MarkL. said...

Hey, is that a washing machine contraption....?