Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mighty Mississippi

After leaving Buffalo, Texas we spent one night in the fairgrounds in Texarkana, AR. It was close to the road and had necessary hook-ups. A good place to stop one night but had little else to recommend it. It was largely filled with construction workers that were apparently working on a local bridge project. I guess it would be safe to say that they had little interest in maintaining their surroundings

Then we pressed on to West Memphis, AR just across the border from Memphis, TN. We read about a campground in another RV blog that recommended the Tom Sawyer campground with sites right on the Mississippi River. It is always interesting when entering a new area and campground with no personal previous knowledge. In this case, we lucked out, as this proved to be an excellently laid out campground with spacious and level sights. And as advertised, they were right on the river with great views. It is certainly in the top few campgrounds of our entire trip.

We have spent the day lounging around and watching the considerable marine traffic. Tomorrow we will head into Memphis and take in a view of the sights.

As the sun was setting we finally agreed to share a bottle of wine we purchased from a small winery in Arizona. This was a special bottle that was more than we normally would spend on a wine, but was suppose to be for Valentine’s day, and then my birthday, but my better half was concerned that it did not have enough rest after the road trips each time. So today, throwing all caution to the wind we shared the wine and celebrated our son in law’s birthday-Ryan –who is in Iraq and probably not able to have much of a birthday. Oh yes-It was very good!


Katie said...

Finally a picture of Dad!

Verna said...

Interesting to know.