Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, March 19, 2007

Rockport, Texas

Tomorrow we will be leaving Rockport, Texas. We came here to find warmth and to be near the Gulf of Mexico. We love being near the water and the smell of the salt air. We also found a very nice community and surrounding area. While we are looking forward to moving on, it has been an enjoyable visit. In addition to the great things to enjoy here, we also enjoyed our new friends Keith and Jenny, who were our neighbors in the RV Park. It was a good time sharing stories and experiences during our happy hours.

The area has many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and has many public recreation areas. It also is home to the official Texas Maritime Museum, which is certainly worth the visit. Rockport will be on our list of places to visit again.

Our plan from here is to start our gradual movement back to the north with our first stop to visit a fledgling campground being started near Buffalo, Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck and Anneke,

Lovely to follow your story of the trip and beautiful pictures. What an experience.
We are going to visit Canada at the end of August till the 2nd of Oktober and looking forward to this trip by camper. First time we come over to your continent.
Have a wonderful trip, we keep following you both.

Chris and Wilma