Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Monday, March 26, 2007


Saturday we decided it was time to hit the tourist trail again. We were planning on visiting Mud Island and revisit a place we went with the kids 21 years ago. Then we found out it would not open to 15 April. With some reluctance, I agreed to go to Graceland-Home of Elvis Presley. While I enjoy some of his songs, I am not what you could call an entertainer groupie. Overlooking the steady attempts to separate you from your money by the many gift shops at every stop, the carefully orchestrated tour was well handled and kept everyone moving along. We viewed the home as it was during the seventies. All I can say is I am glad that styles have moved on.

The tour included a warm and fuzzy overview of his life and career, which included a lot of his movies, record accomplishments and display of his costumes, cars and many music awards. The entire tour took several hours to complete.

The huge attention he received during his lifetime, which ironically contributed to his early demise affected him after his death. He was initially buried in the local cemetery next to his mother. But due to security concerns caused by his overly eager fans, he and his mother had to be moved to Graceland grounds for reburial.

I would say if you have any interest in Elvis, the tour would be worth your time. In my case, once was certainly enough.


Wendy said...

Of je hem nou goed vind of niet, hij is natuurlijk een 'legend' en mocht ik ooit in de buurt komen, dan zou ik het ook zeker niet overslaan. Leuk!!

Anonymous said...

Did you pick up any decorating ideas fore the RY? MAL