Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Friday, March 02, 2007

Bandera, Texas

Among the many advantages that come from spending time with friends in the RV mode is having time to share different experiences and knowledge about the travel experience. Luckily for us Dan’s sister also lives in the area and we were invited to their home for a great dinner including crawfish pie, Texas beans and much more.

The next night that shared knowledge came into play and we headed for a place that we would have never heard of, left to our own devices- the 11th street cowboy bar in Bandera, Texas. Another nice small Texas town that reflects that slower life style than eastern cities and towns. I knew right away we were in the heart of hill country when we arrived to find a fully decked cow horse parked at the rail to the bar patiently waiting for it’s rider. We him found inside having a quick one while still wearing chaps and spurs. He left before the party really started, I assume because the horse had no headlights. This largely open to the sky bar had a lively band playing country music, of course. They also had a number of large grills where you could grill steaks or other meats of choice that you brought along with you. They then provided, for a nominal fee, plates and utensils along with a number of hot and cold sides to complete the meal. I also noticed that many of the attendees also brought along their own beverage of choice, as well.

It was a great time and we even got in some two step dances.

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