Snowy Range Pass

Snowy Range Pass

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Temple Square

No visit to Salt Lake City would be complete without visiting Temple Square, which the headquarters of the Church of Christ of the Latter Day Saints. The central compound comprises 34 acres which includes a visitor center, chapel, tabernacle and the central building-the temple. All of these buildings can be visited with the exception of the temple, which is restricted to members of the church. There are many volunteers around the complex to answer any questions you may have. The visitor’s center has a brief over view of church history and its focus on the family unit. The church has an interesting history from its beginnings in New York State to the final settlement in Utah.

Also in the surrounding area is the main administration building that manages its worldwide operation. There is also former Hotel Utah that was bought and refurbished by the church when the city was considering demolishing the structure. Today it is beautifully restored and used as a conference center. There is also a huge convention center where we attended a rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle choir.

While we were walking the grounds, we noticed that there was a lot of wedding groups cueing up to be married in the temple. We watched some of the couples posing for pictures on the grounds.

We also attended an organ recital in the Tabernacle. The acoustics in this building are exceptionally good. You can literally hear a pin dropped on stage anywhere in the building.

Lastly, there is a family history center that allows anyone to search their family history. Anneke and I spent several hours doing just that. There are again plenty of volunteers to assist you in finding what you are looking for. We found them very friendly and helpful. Before we had to get back and check on Halley, I had found a number of interesting facts about family history and traced my father’s side of the family back six generations to the date 1798. I plan on continuing the process on line at their free web site. The family history center alone is reason to visit the Temple Square.


Judy and Emma said...

So how was it listening to the choir? For me, that would have been the highlight of the whole trip! :)

Rick and Paulette said...

We really enjoyed our visit to Temple Square earlier this year as well. Thanks for taking us on another great tour! The acoustics in the Tabernacle are quite amazing.

Mormon Soprano said...

Nice photo log! Glad you had a great time visiting my home town. Y'all come back soon. :) - MoSop

Katie said...

Nice Picture!